Our Services and Technology

Almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing modern electronic modules for complete systems made us a reliable partner for various industries, from consumer electronics through mobile and automotive technology to the Hi-Tech IT / T industry.
We are certified ISO 9001, ISO-TS 16949

Production facilities

Our Production facilities

SMD Osadzovanie dosiek plošných spojov, CRT ElectronicVýrobna hala pre osadzovanie DPSRučné osadzovanie elektronických súčiastok SMT assembling

  • average capacity 34,000 components per hour, under maximum load all lines 138,000 components per hour
  • various components assembling from size 0201, finepitch, μfinepitch, BGA, μBGA
  • 3-shifts working avaliable
  • 1 assembly lines equipped with SIEMENS Siplace (S20, F4)
  • 3 assembly lines equipped with PANASONIC (MSR, MPA)
  • 2 assembly lines equipped with PANASONIC (MSH2, MV2F)
  • reflow owens ERSA Hotflow 7, 9 > 7-9 zones owens and SIEMENS ReHm V8 Nitro

THT Assembling
  • 3 conveyer manual assembly lines
  • 3 automated soldering machines, Pb + Pb Free (2xATF, 1x SEHO)
  • ATF soldering using a nitrogen atmosphere
  • 1x selective soldering (Inter Select)
  • 3-shifts working available

Laser (engraving and labelling)
  • TRUMPF VectorMark VW800R
Automatic varnishing machine
  • NORDSON C708

Capability range

Capability range

Montáž chladičovžch zostávOsadzovanie klasických vývodových súciastokVlnové pájanieFunkčný a ICT Test
Parts shaping and forming
  • Forming various shapes lead components with usage of automated shaping machines
  • Cutting the length of the lead components
  • Assembling flat cables, crimping etc.

Heat-sink assemblies
  • Various type of heat-sink assemblies mounting with heatconducting paste
  • Components screwing and bonding with precision screwdrivers
  • Checking of the tightening torques
  • Fixing screws against loosening

AOI – automatic optical inspection
  • Guarantee of 100% optical check of correctness and accuracy of automatic components

Thru-hole components assembling
  • Assembling of large and sophisticated electronic systems under attendance of our skilled specialists
  • Manual soldering of difficult components

SMD assembling
  • Using curing process (glue dispensing + curing owen)
  • Using reflow process (solder paste + reflow owen)

Wave soldering
  • Automatic wave soldering technology under nitrogene
  • Guarantee of unleaded soldering technology (RoHS)
  • Specific shape products soldering using solder frames and solder masks

Functional and ICT testing
  • Preparation and design of testing devices and units based on output parameters of device and test requirements
  • Usage of dedicated and universal testing devices
  • Own development department of testing devices
  • IC test products through needle field at device TR5001T and IC Test by "flying needle" at device SPEA
  • Wide scale of functional tests by customer needs
  • High voltage tests of single components
  • Burn-in tests
  • System of tracebility, which guarantee execution of all demanded tests with logfile records

Special Technologies and services

Special Technologies and services

Automatické nanášanie laku na DPSTermotlac – tlacenie identifikacných (BCR, typových) štítkov využitím tepelných tlaciarníProgramovanie IC obvodov
  • Automatic varnishing application on PCB for purpose of protection against the air humidity using automatic varnishing machine
  • Hardening and drying varnishing masks

  • Automatic soaking of PCBA in plastic or metal housing using epoxide or resin based substances
  • Guarantee of exact automatic batching by devices with laser sensors

Special SMT technologies and processes
  • Washing PCB´s in special full automatic mashine Injet® 388-MCD
  • storage of MSL material in nitrogen atmosphere in 5% humidity - device ASVS 1200M
  • drying components in special drying owen
  • mixing of solder paste in GLICHN device
  • system of tracebility via wireless server
  • dividing of PCB´s at JOT device
  • lead or lead free soldering

Special SMT technologies and processes
  • dividing of PCB´s at CNC cutter
  • Producing of solder masks
  • production of various products at CNC machine

Laser engraving
  • Descriptions, codes and logos engraving using automatic LASER device TRUMPF

Labels printing
  • Thermo-print-identification (BCR,typical) labels printing using thermo-printers
  • Various types of labels printing (paper,plastic,etc.)

IC circuits programming
  • Preparation and uploading programs in the IC components

  • Optimalization proposals and development
  • Development and production of plastic and metal housings
  • Development and production of packaging and product user´s manuals
  • Prototypes manufacturing

Co-operation wtih sister companies
  • Printed Circuit Boards production
  • Development of testing and control devices

Final assembly

Final assembly

Montáž elektrotechnických komponentov a dielov
  • Assembly of electronic components and parts (PCBA) with plastic and metal parts
  • Product finalization, programming, testing and housing
  • Design of optimal packaging for safe transport of products
  • Products packaging for end-user distribution chain

Products portfolio

Products portfolio

Naše spektrum produktov

We produce also:
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Mobile chargers
  • Modules for use in explosive atmospheres
  • Automotive modules
  • Printer controllers
  • Door speech systems
  • Components GSM/UMTS
  • Components GPS
  • Alarm modules
  • Modules for satelite devices
  • Components pre Hi-Fi a TV devices
  • Medical devices
  • ... and soon also Your products!
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